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Joint tenancies for council homes

If you have a secure lifetime tenancy, and you would like to add your spouse or civil partner to your tenancy, contact our tenancy advice team.

To do this you must have:

  • a clear rent account (no arrears)
  • no pending court proceedings on the tenancy
  • no charges for repairs left unpaid
  • no breaches of your tenancy agreement
  • no antisocial behaviour charges against you, your household or your visitors.

The person you would like to add must have no:

  • history of causing antisocial behaviour or domestic violence
  • current tenancy for a council or housing association property
  • property of their own.

We look at each case individually and may refuse to create a joint tenancy. If this is the case, we’ll tell you why.

You cannot add a partner to an introductory or flexible fixed term tenancy.

It’s not possible to add other family members or friends to your tenancy agreement. However, in some cases other family members may have succession rights to your tenancy if you die.

How to remove someone else from a joint tenancy To remove a name from a joint tenancy, you need to get a county court order. Contact our tenancy advice team for more information.

Alternatively, one joint tenant can serve us with a notice to quit. This means the joint tenancy agreement will end. The remaining tenant may be able to get a sole tenancy for the property depending on their circumstances.

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