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  • Apply or report

    Quick links for applying for housing related schemes, or reporting housing related issues.

  • BCP Homes

    BCP Homes information for council tenants and leaseholders

  • Get housing advice

    Get advice on homelessness, finding a home and help and support that is available locally.

  • Help for Landlords

    Information for new and existing landlords about responsibilities, grants and assistance.

  • Help for Tenants

    What you need to know as a tenant, including types of tenancy, available financial support and advice on poor housing standards.

  • Homelessness and rough sleeping

    Get help if you're homeless, at risk of homelessness or concerned about someone who is.

  • Housing advice and support

    Get advice and support for your housing concerns.

  • Housing Development Schemes

    Housing development schemes are how homes are provided for those with low or moderate income.

  • Park (mobile) homes

    We license park (mobile) home sites in the Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole area to make sure that certain standards are maintained.

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