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Introductory council home tenancies

Introductory tenancies are given to all new BCP Homes tenants unless they have come straight from a secure or assured tenancy with no break. They last 12 months and are like a 'trial' period.

The tenancy automatically converts to a secure tenancy at 12 months unless there are any breaches. The introductory tenancy can be extended for 6 months if there are problems with the conduct of the tenancy.

Certain restrictions apply during the 12 months of the introductory tenancy, you cannot:

  • swap your property
  • apply to buy your property
  • make any alterations to your property.

These restrictions are lifted as soon as the tenancy becomes secure.

Full tenancy agreement terms and conditions will be given at sign up, and your housing officer will explain an overview of these conditions to you and can answer any questions you may have.

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