Potholes, damaged roads or footpaths

We are responsible for the repair of potholes and highway defects to keep roads and pavements in a serviceable and safe condition.

Our inspectors investigate all reports and assess them against the investigatory criteria from our Highway Inspection Policy. Where repairs are required, the most urgent defects are repaired first. Other defects will be recorded for consideration as part of wider maintenance programmes, some defects will be passed to utility companies if the issue is with their manhole covers, or apparatus.

Bournemouth and Christchurch


We have two reporting forms depending on the type of defect/issue you wish to report in Poole.

For issues including:

  • potholes
  • broken or damaged manhole covers
  • broken slabs/block paving
  • street name plate damaged or missing
  • kerb problems
  • road lines in need of painting
  • damage to verges resulting from vehicles parked on them.

For issues including:

  • illegal dropped crossings
  • mud dropped on the road
  • oils leaking from parked vehicles
  • re-filling grit bins.