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Report a damaged pavement or kerb

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In the event of an emergency

Call 01202 123 123 or 0800 506 050 out of hours if the issue is an emergency where there is risk to life or property.

Let us know about damage to pavements or kerbs such as:

  • broken or missing slabs that need to be replaced
  • uneven or damaged paving
  • uneven or missing edgings

When reporting damaged pavements or kerbs, you will need to tell us:

  • the location
  • any additional information that can help us locate the issue
  • your contact details if you want us to update you

You can also upload a picture of the pavement or kerb.

You cannot use this form to make an insurance claim against us

How we deal with damaged pavements or kerbs

Our inspectors investigate all reports and assess them against the investigatory criteria from our Highway Inspection Policy. Where repairs are required, the most urgent defects are repaired first. Other defects will be recorded for consideration as part of wider maintenance schemes and some defects will be passed to utility companies if the issue is with their manhole covers, reinstatement or equipment.

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