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Report overhanging trees or shrubs

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In the event of an emergency

Call 01202 123 123 or 0800 506 050 out of hours if the issue is an emergency.

You should report overhanging trees or shrubs to us if they are:

  • obstructing or reducing the width of a road or footpath
  • blocking the view at a junction
  • obstructing a street light, traffic lights or street signs

When reporting overhanging trees or shrubs, you will need:

  • the location
  • any additional information that can help us locate the issue
  • your contact details if you want us to update you

You cannot use this form to make an insurance claim against us

How we deal with overhanging trees and shrubs

Our inspectors investigate all reports and assess them against the investigatory criteria from our Highway Inspection Policy. Unacceptable overhanging vegetation is where trees, shrubs or other greenery reduce the widths of roads, pavements, cycleways or paths and/or hang below 2.3m over a pavement or cycleway, below 3.6m over a bridleway, or 5.3m over a road.

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