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Financial schemes and monetary support

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Help with paying your mortgage

If you’re on a low income, you may be able to get help with your mortgage costs, in particular the interest payments.

The government's online benefits calculator can give you an idea of what other benefits you may be entitled to.

As an owner/occupier you must pay your mortgage, and this should be your priority above most other expenses.

If you get repossessed for arrears you may not get homeless assistance if you did not pay your mortgage when you could have.

This includes if you spent money on non-essential things rather than paying your mortgage. You must consider whether there are expenses you can reduce, like:

  • TV and high-speed internet package
  • smartphone
  • car
  • socialising
  • entertainment
  • cigarettes
  • alcohol
  • holidays

Please also consider some of the other housing options available to you.

Avoiding repossession or foreclosure

If you’re behind on your mortgage payments, your mortgage provider cannot take action against you until all other reasonable options have been explored. This is why, if you have not already done so, you must contact your mortgage provider and discuss the situation with them.

If you’re a homeowner and getting certain income-related benefits, you may be able to get some assistance with the interest payments.

Check if you have taken out a mortgage protection policy. If you were made redundant or are ill, your payments may be covered for a period, allowing you to get back on your feet.

Further information is available on organisations that can offer support with budgeting, money management and repaying debts.

If, after seeking advice, you’re unable to prevent the repossession, you’ll need to explore your housing options.

If you have large savings as the result of releasing the capital from your home, when you sell, this will affect your qualification for the housing register and your eligibility for Housing Benefit.

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