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Help if you are being evicted or served notice

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As a tenant, you have legal rights and your landlord must follow the correct steps if they would like to you to leave.

You may have been asked to leave because you have not kept up with your rent payments. If this is the case, your landlord may let you stay if you set up a payment plan. It is much better to resolve an issue like this as it could affect you being able to find a home in the future if you have a history of rent arrears.

If you ask us for homeless help it may limit the duty we owe you if you’re struggling because of rent arrears. This means we may not have a duty to rehouse you.

If you cannot resolve the issues with your landlord, you need to look at your housing options right away. Your landlord must give you a reasonable notice period and cannot force you to leave without going to court however it can take time to find somewhere else to live.

If you're going to become homeless, find out what help we may be able to provide.

Housing Options Support and Inclusion Service

Our team is here to here to help you as early as possible - both before and after the landlord or agent issues you with notice that they intend to, or are evicting. You’ll receive honest, supportive advice for your situation.

We can help with:

  • support, advice and guidance when you think you may lose your home
  • a dedicated worker to understand the issues and advise on next steps
  • talking to your landlord or agent on your behalf
  • information about any benefits and loans you may be eligible for and help to apply for them
  • guidance and referral to other organisations that may be able to help
  • signposting to other housing options

Please use the online form to request help with homelessness.

Do not use this form if you are a professional making a referral, you can make a referral using the duty to refer form.

If you are a private landlord or agent and want to contact us about information and support for tenants, please email

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