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Rechargeable repairs

You must take reasonable care of your council home and report any repairs or faults to us straight away.

Certain works may be charged to you, for example, if:

  • the repair is needed because of damage through your neglect, this also applies if anyone else at your home causes damage such as a household member or visitor
  • you fit any type of installation or fixed appliance that needs repairing that we did not give you our written permission to install
  • the installation you got written permission to install was poorly fitted by you or someone you employed

You will also be charged if we carry out works which are your responsibility

If you are buying your home

If you have applied to buy your home, we will only carry out the basic repairs the law asks us to do. Once you have bought your home, you are responsible for all repairs.

You are also responsible for any alterations you made or you agree to take on as part of a mutual exchange prior to the purchase.

The cost of carrying out a repair together with any associated administration costs will be recovered from you if the repair is considered by us to be your responsibility.

Cost of repair

The cost of the repair is determined from the contracted works schedule of rates. Where appropriate, a fixed price inclusive of administration charge and VAT will be made and payment may be required before the repair is done.

In the case of urgent repairs of short duration, you will be advised of the cost at the time of reporting the repair and given the option of appointing your own contractor or carrying out a repair yourself which must be to a satisfactory standard. With larger less urgent repairs, you will be given written details of the cost and be given the same options.

Where repairs for works of an unknown value are needed, an order for the execution of the repair will be placed. You will be invoiced for the cost of the works when we receive the invoice from the contractor.

Post inspection

If you hire a contractor or complete a repair yourself, a post inspection will be carried out. You may be responsible for the cost of any additional work found to be necessary.

Unpaid repairs

If you have not paid for the repair before it is carried out and do not pay when given an invoice, necessary steps will be taken to recover monies due. Where appropriate, this may include your attendance at a mediation panel, or instructions to the head of legal services to initiate legal proceedings.

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