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Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs)

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Apply for or renew a House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) licence

You need to apply for a licence if you want to rent out a HMO to 5 or more people.

A licence for a HMO lasts for up to 5 years, you must then renew it after 5 years.

Temporary licensing exemptions may apply if the property is not subject to licensing for the next 3 months.

Licence fees

We request fees in 2 stages.

Stage 1

This must be paid when the application is made and covers costs associated with the application process.

We have calculated the average costs associated with processing the application up to and including the issue of intention to grant or refuse a licence.

Stage 2

This must be paid once you are sent the "notice of intention to grant a licence".

The fee covers ongoing scheme application, operation of the scheme and enforcement costs.

We have calculated the average costs associated with ongoing operation and enforcement of the scheme.

Standard fee for a new HMO licence

The fee for a new licence is £1,384, split into:

  • Stage 1: £446
  • Stage 2: £938

Standard fee for a licence renewal

The fee for a renewal is £1,275, split into:

  • Stage 1: £366
  • Stage 2: £909

Extra charges

Where there are more than 6 units, we charge an extra £25 per unit and this will be charged at the stage 2 fee.

Licence discounts

A reduction of 20% is available to all application fees if you are accredited through an approved scheme.

You will need to provide proof of membership and the discount will be applied at stage 2.

No reduced fees are available for properties we find operating without a licence.


A full refund may be given if:

  • you have made a duplicate application
  • you made an application for an exempted property by mistake and we are satisfied that it does not need a HMO Licence
  • the property is not licensable by us

A refund will not be given if:

  • the application is withdrawn
  • we refuse your application
  • we revoke your licence
  • you are subsequently refused planning permission for your HMO
  • your property ceases to be let as an HMO during the term of the licence

Landlord incentives

We offer a range of cash incentives to landlords. 

A payment up to the amount of your last HMO licence fee could be available. For more information, email to request a callback.

Apply for or renew a HMO licence

If a licence is being renewed, you may not need to provide this level of detail unless something has changed.

You will need up to date copies of:

  • to scale or to proportion floor plans of premises
  • Automatic Fire Detection inspection and test certificate(s)
  • Emergency Lighting inspection and test certificate(s)
  • Gas Safety Inspection and test certificate(s)
  • Electrical installation inspection and test certificate(s)
  • the Fire Risk Assessment

Not completing the application to the necessary standard could result in prosecution for failure to license.

If a property changes hands within the term of the licence

The new owner must apply for a licence in their name. Licences cannot be transferred as it is the person responsible who holds the licence, not the property itself.

Further information can be found in the Licensing of HMOs – Guide for Landlords.

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