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Temporary place to stay if you are homeless

If we decide that you’re homeless, in priority need and eligible for help, we might be able to give you a temporary place to stay until we make a decision on your homeless application.

Where you might stay

Temporary stays might include bed and breakfast hotels, hostels and properties managed by private agents and housing associations. We may also look at special housing for people with extra support needs.

The place we find for you will depend on your circumstances, the amount of notice we have of your homelessness, and availability of places to stay.

We'll try and find a place to stay in the local area, but we can't guarantee this.

How long you will stay in a temporary home

Normally, you’ll stay until we’ve decided on your homeless application. However, if we accept a duty to you, we’ll continue to provide a temporary home until a more permanent one is found. If we decide we do not have a duty towards you, we’ll ask you to leave the temporary home, with reasonable notice, and give you advice on your options.


You may be eligible for Housing Benefit to help pay towards the temporary place to stay. We can help you with completing an application form.

Even if you’re on a low income, you may still have to pay towards costs not covered by Housing Benefit.

If we help you with any storage or removal fees, you may also be required to repay these in full.

When we might cancel your temporary stay

We may cancel your temporary stay at any time, but only if you do not:

  • keep appointments with us
  • provide requested documents
  • take reasonable care of the place we provide
  • accept other short term housing options given to you
  • pay the charges we ask you to pay
  • stay in your room at night
  • move into a suitable place we offer to you, if we have accepted a duty to you

You and any guests visiting must follow house rules and not cause nuisance to any other resident. You may be asked to leave if you do not do so.


You will likely need to find a temporary home for your pets, as most of our available places for you to stay will not allow them to stay as well. We may be able to help in some situations - we'll talk it through with you.

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