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Help with homelessness if you are under 18

If you have been forced to leave home

If your parents ask you to leave home, or you feel you’re in danger, speak to our Children’s Social Care team.

If you’ve been forced to leave home suddenly and have nowhere to go, call us on 01202 123 334 or visit us in person.

Out of hours, you can call 01202 392 322 or go to your local police station.

Do not choose to become homeless because of an argument or because you want more independence. Unless you are escaping danger, we might not be able to help you if you make yourself homeless.

How we can help

The help we offer depends on your situation, but we’ll always give you advice and support.

You may be able to get help if:

  • you're being abused or are at risk of abuse
  • you're leaving care and have nowhere else to go
  • your family has evicted you and you have nowhere else to go

You might not be able to get to help if you've:

  • had an argument and left home
  • been asked to leave because of your behaviour
  • lived in our area for less than 6 months

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