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Council Tax Support overpayments

If your reduction has been recalculated and you end up being awarded less Council Tax Support, we’ll send you a letter and a revised Council Tax bill.

In almost all cases, the excess of Council Tax Support must be repaid, even if it was paid because of our error. However, you may not have to repay it if it was an 'official error' and you could not reasonably have known that you were receiving more Council Tax Support than you were entitled to.

What happens if you have received more Council Tax Support than you are entitled to

If we find that after re-assessing your claim, you are entitled to less Council Tax Support, we’ll send you the full details. We’ll tell you:

  • why
  • your revised Council Tax Support award
  • what to do if you disagree with the decision

Request an explanation

If there’s anything you do not understand about your benefit decision or you think the calculation is incorrect, contact us to request an explanation. This is called a statement of reasons and we must receive a written request for a statement of reasons within one month of the date of the decision.

You must tell us of any change in circumstances that could affect your claim. It’s your responsibility and you should not rely on anyone else to tell us about any changes.

If we believe that benefit fraud has been committed, we'll recover any money you're not entitled to. You could also be prosecuted.

Please contact us for any help you need with Council Tax Support repayments.

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