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Every household in the UK must pay Council Tax, but some people can apply for Council Tax Support, a means-tested reduction to the bill.

The means test compares how much money people have coming in to the household against an ‘applicable amount’ which reflects the basic living needs of a household. This varies depending on the age of the occupants and individual circumstances.

From April 2013, Council Tax Support replaced the Council Tax Benefit Scheme. The government instructed that, for working-age people, councils can decide their own scheme. This means the Council Tax Support scheme could be different depending on where you live.

If you’ve reached State Pension Credit age and do not qualify for Council Tax Support because your income or savings are too high, you might still get some help if others living in your household are on low incomes.

Read our Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council Tax Support policy for 2024/2025.

For people of State Pension Credit qualifying age and vulnerable groups, the scheme mirrors the Council Tax Benefit rules. Further information is available about Pension Credit.

Alternatively, you can claim Second Adult Rebate.

You cannot receive both Council Tax Support and Second Adult Rebate at the same time. If you qualify for both, you’ll receive the one that pays the most.

Other ways your Council Tax bill could be reduced

As well as Council Tax Support and Second Adult Rebate, we may be able to reduce your Council Tax bill further if you’re eligible for Council Tax discounts and exemptions.
Council Tax Support is not awarded to you automatically - you must apply for it.

To see how much you may be entitled to, use the online benefit calculator.

Please be aware this is an estimate based on the information you are entering and is a rough guide not a guarantee of award.

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