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Report discarded needles medical sharps or medical waste

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What to do if the hazard is on private property

We do not remove needles or any other medical waste from flats, houses or gardens.

Education premises (schools, nurseries etc)

Report to the premises staff immediately. Staff on site are trained to deal safely with such items.

Flats, houses or gardens

If you find any of these you should contact a private waste removal company. If you rent your home, your landlord may be able to help.

If you use medical sharps at home, you should place them into a sealed sharps box, obtained from a GP or pharmacy, which may be returned to a GP surgery once full for safe disposal. If you are unable to transport your sharps box to a surgery, you can arrange a collection from us.

How to report a hazard on council land

If you find a discarded needle, medical sharp or medical waste on council owned land, please report it to us and we will remove them. Do not:

  • touch it
  • hide it
  • put it in a bin of any kind
  • kick it down a drain

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