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Book a medical sharps collection

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Medical sharps

Do not put used needles or other sharps into containers or into any of your bins. They can cause injuries and may carry blood-borne viruses that can be passed on to other people.

If you use medical sharps at home, you should place them into a sealed sharps box, provided by a GP or pharmacy, which may be returned to a GP surgery once full for safe disposal.

Medical sharps include syringes, needles and lancets (from finger-pricking devices) used to manage various medical conditions such as diabetes.

If you are unable to take your sharps box to a surgery, you can arrange a collection from us.

Any illegal drug-related sharps should be taken to a pharmacy offering a needle exchange service.

This service is for residents only. Businesses (including residential care homes) require a chargeable clinical waste collection service. We do not operate a clinical waste collection service. There are several alternative companies that can offer this service. It is your responsibility to ensure that a registered carrier is used for this type of waste, the Environment Agency website has a public register of all companies who are registered to remove this waste.

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