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The Blue Badge scheme helps you park closer to your destination if you’re disabled.

You automatically qualify for a Blue Badge if you:

  • are registered severely sight impaired (blind)
  • receive the higher rate mobility component of Disability Living Allowance (DLA)
  • receive a score of 8 or more for ‘moving around’ in the mobility component of Personal Independence Payment (PIP)
  • receive a score of 10 points for ‘planning and following a journey’ in the mobility component of Personal Independence Payment (PIP) on the grounds you are unable to undertake any journey because it would cause you overwhelming psychological distress (Descriptor E)
  • receive the War Pensioners’ Mobility Supplement (WPMS) or
  • receive a qualifying award under the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme (AFCS)

You may qualify for a Blue Badge if you:

  • are a child under 3 who has a condition requiring the transportation of bulky medical equipment
  • are a child under 3 who must always be kept near a motor vehicle on account of a condition so they can, if necessary, be treated for that condition in the vehicle or be taken quickly in the vehicle to a place where they can be treated
  • drive a vehicle regularly, have a severe disability in both arms and are unable to operate, or have considerable difficulty in operating, parking machines
  • are over the age of 2 and have a permanent and substantial disability which means you are unable to walk or have very considerable difficulty in walking or
  • are over the age of 2 and have been certified by an expert assessor as having an enduring and substantial disability which causes you, during a journey, to experience very considerable difficulty whilst walking, which may include very considerable psychological distress or be at risk of serious harm when walking; or pose, when walking, a risk of serious harm to any other person

The disability experienced must last for at least 3 years. The presence of any medical condition alone does not automatically qualify you for a Blue Badge.

Mobility assessments

If we are unable to determine whether you’re eligible for a Blue Badge based on your application we may request you undertake a mobility assessment with an Occupational Therapist.

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