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Fitness activities in our parks and beaches

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There are many regular outdoor exercise and fitness classes taking place in our parks, open spaces and beaches, all of which are licensed.

Apply for a licence

You’ll need a licence to hold an outdoor exercise class on any of our parks, open spaces or beaches.

Before a licence is granted, you’ll need to provide evidence of:

  • public liability insurance to a minimum of £5m
  • risk assessment
  • instructor certificates
  • DBS certificate if working with under 18s
  • first aid qualification

The licence fee is £100 per weekly session for a 12-month period. So, if you’re planning to hold 1 class a week, the cost would be £100 for the year. For 2 classes a week it would be £200, and so on.


If you'd like to run a fitness activity at one or more of our parks and open spaces, complete an application form, email or call 01202 123 888.


If you’d like to run a fitness activity on the beach please complete an application form and submit this to or call 01202 123 800 for further information.

We will not consider applications for activities between 10am to 5pm from 1 April to 30 September (inclusive).

Apply for an events licence

If you'd like to run a one-off fitness event, you’ll need an events licence. Email to find out how to apply.

Current licensed operators

Ben Law Personal Training

Bootcamp UK

Forest School - Paula Latini

Lou Dutch Personal Training

James Francis Youth Football


Miroslava Fitness

Power of the Pride Bootcamp

Sean Burgess Fitness

Steffi Be

Walx Dorset

Unlicensed operators

Anyone running an outdoor fitness session on one of our open spaces without our permission may not be suitably insured or qualified to do so.

If a member of the public is injured by the actions of an unlicensed trainer, and that trainer does not have public liability insurance, it’s very unlikely they’ll be able to pay any compensation due because of negligence.

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