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Fishing at nature reserves

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To improve the natural environment and promote better regulated angling, we work closely with Wimborne District Angling Club (WDAC), who manage the waters at the 3 ponds and lakes we own at nature reserves in Poole.

Nature conservation remains a primary focus at these sites and WDAC have a proven record of managing waters for the benefit of both wildlife and anglers. All improvements and developments undertaken by WDAC are therefore subject to our assent.

Hatch Pond

This site is ecologically diverse for such a small area and is designated as a Local Nature Reserve and a Site of Nature Conservation Interest. As such, it’s managed primarily for its wildlife.

Hatch Pond is a 4ha balancing pond situated within the Nuffield Industrial Estate. It was originally dug in the 19th century to supply water to the Waterloo Iron and Brass Foundry.


Fish you might catch at Hatch Ponds include mirror carp up to 9kg, tench, perch, eel, roach over 1kg and rudd over 500g.

The pond also contains common carp. Most are around 4.5kg, although fish over 9kg are regularly landed and carp over 13kg have been caught.


Hatch Pond has no onsite parking, but parking is available on Stinsford Road, adjacent to the site.

Alder Hills

As a Site of Special Scientific Interest, Alder Hills nature reserve is managed primarily for its wildlife.

Dug in the 1920s to supply the local pottery industry, Alder Hills fishery is a 1ha lake on the border of Bournemouth and Poole. Alder Hills has a closed season from 15 March to 15 June.


The lake contains roach, rudd, tench, perch, pike and common carp up to 11kg.

Parking and accessibility

Alder Hills has no onsite parking. Due to the site’s difficult topography, no facilities are provided for disabled users.

Creekmoor Ponds

This 5.6ha nature reserve comprises semi-mature woodland, scrub, rough grassland and remnant heathland.

The site was originally a large sand reserve which was mined heavily between 1920 and 1950. The removal of the sand left 2 large pits which, after they flooded, became Creekmoor Ponds.


Creekmoor Ponds has 2 disabled parking bays off the end of Petersham Road. These bays are within a short distance of 3 wheelchair-friendly fishing swims.


Fishing permits are available through the WDAC. Current permit prices can be found on the WDAC website. Wimborne and District Angling Club can be contacted by email:

If you accidentally hook wildlife

If you accidentally hook a swan, waterfowl or other wildlife, do not strike. Cut the line as near as possible to the injured creature and contact the RSPCA.

Water pollution

To report water pollution to the Environment Agency, please call 0800 807 060.

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