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Housing advice for ex-armed forces personnel

If you're leaving the armed services, or you’re a former member, you may be entitled to help if you become homeless. You’ll have to provide evidence so we can work out what housing assistance you may be entitled to.

If you meet the relevant legal criteria, we may be required to assist you with emergency or longer-term accommodation.

Help from Forces Resettlement

Find out what housing advice and support is provided in partnership with the Ministry of Defence.

Help finding private rented housing

You may be able to get help with the deposit for your rented property through our homelessness prevention fund, either through discretionary housing payment or via the Royal British Legion.

Read about private rented accommodation.

Applying as homeless before discharge from the forces

Let us know you’ll be homeless after discharge from the armed forces so that we can explore your housing options before this happens.

Supported accommodation

We work with organisations that provide supported accommodation for vulnerable people, as well as ex-armed forces personnel. We may refer you to one of them for assistance.

Other help and support

These organisations offer housing-related support for those who have served in the armed forces:

There are many agencies that support people with mental illnesses or impairments. They can provide floating support, advocacy services and assist with access to healthcare and supported accommodation. We can help you with information about available services.

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