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Request a repair to your council home

Before reporting a repair, you should know that:

How to report a repair

The quickest way to report a repair is online.

If you're reporting an emergency then you'll need to call us.

Emergency repairs

An emergency repair is any problem that could be a security risk or cause harm to you, another person or to your property.

Please make sure your repair is an emergency before requesting a call out. You will be charged for non-emergency out of hours calls, and repairs that are not our responsibility.

All emergency repairs need to be reported by phone on 0800 028 1870.

Only call outside office hours if:

  • your home is not secure
  • you have no heating or hot water (November to April only)
  • you have a serious water leak
  • your only toilet does not flush
  • you have lost your electricity or water supply
  • there are dangerous electrics
  • your home has blocked drains

What to do when a contractor visits your home

When one of our contractors comes to your home to carry out work, you must:

  • make sure someone aged over 18 is there to let them in 
  • be polite - if there’s any aggressive or violent behaviour, our contractor will leave 
  • prepare the area where the work will be taking place by clearing the space and removing pictures or ornaments to keep them safe 
  • have valid household contents insurance in case of any accidental damage
  • let us know as soon as possible If you need to cancel the appointment 
  • not smoke indoors while the contractor is in your home

You can be confident that the contractors will follow the Contractors Code of Conduct by:  

  • wearing ID badges 
  • carrying out work to a high standard 
  • treating you and your home with respect 
  • being polite and courteous 
  • not smoking in your home 
  • being on time and letting you know if they are running late 
  • completing work in a single visit whenever possible 
  • keeping noise and mess to a minimum

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