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Rent a garage in Bournemouth or Poole

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We have garages to rent across Bournemouth and Poole.

Garages should only be used for storing a vehicle as they are not suitable for general storage.

You do not have to be a BCP Homes resident to rent a garage, however BCP Homes tenants and leaseholders will be given priority. Existing BCP Homes tenants must have a clear rent balance to apply for a garage.

If you are not a BCP Homes tenant, the rent rate will be higher and will include VAT.

Payment for garages must be by direct debit.

You are not allowed to sublet your garage to anyone else or use your garage for commercial activities.

Garage locations

We have a limited number of garages in some areas which do not become available very often.


We have garages in the following places in Bournemouth:

  • Bear Cross - no availability
  • Boscombe - no availability
  • East Howe - no availability
  • High Howe - no availability
  • Kinson - no availability
  • Slades Farm - no availability
  • Southbourne - no availability
  • Strouden Park - no availability
  • Townsend - no availability
  • West Howe
  • Wallisdown
  • Winton - no availability


We have garages in the following places in Poole:

  • Christopher Crescent
  • Dale Valley Road
  • Egmont Road
  • Millfield
  • Old Orchard

Contact us about renting a garage

For garages in Bournemouth, email

For garages in Poole, email

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