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Eligibility for care and support for older and vulnerable adults

We may be able to help you if you’re an adult and have care and support needs due to a physical or mental condition.

To be the right fit for our help, you must not be able to do 2 or more things from the list below without extra help:

  • manage your nutrition (get, cook and eat food and drink)
  • keep on top of your personal hygiene (keep clean)
  • put on clothes
  • use your home safely
  • keep your home clean, safe and tidy
  • meet and keep in touch with people who are important to you
  • stay in work, training or a volunteer job, or learn new skills
  • get to places in your local area
  • care for a child without a big effect on your wellbeing (being comfortable, healthy and happy)

After we assess your needs, we compare them with national criteria set in The Care Act. This is known as eligibility criteria, and we use this to work out how we can help you to get care and support.

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