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Walks in Bournemouth

Bournemouth is an area rich in heritage and natural, outstanding beauty. With a wide range of gardens, plenty of beaches and historic buildings, the town is an impressive leisure spot for walking, hiking and exploring an area rich in heritage.

Our map of parks and gardens in the area provides a perfect starting point for those wishing to explore at their own pace.

The Bourne Valley Greenway

The Bourne Valley Greenway is a shared use route which is mainly off-road and links Canford Heath to the seafront in Bournemouth. It passes through a green corridor which includes heathland, a nature reserve and gardens.

Guided walks

The parks team offers a range of guided walks and Monday Morning Meanders throughout the year.

These walks range from exploring the local countryside, stargazing or wildlife spotting, with informative learning about local flowers and fungi.

Events usually last between one to two hours and there may be a charge.

Visit Bournemouth: walking and hiking

The official Bournemouth Tourism website boasts a wide list of attractions, walks and hikes in the area.

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