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Strategic Flood Risk Assessment of the Poole area

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We have prepared an explanatory note (December 2022) which explains the relevant SFRAs across the BCP area and provides some additional guidance regarding the flood zones and the sequential test.

Level 1 and Level 2 Strategic Flood Risk Assessment

The Level 1 and Level 2 SFRA for the Poole area was produced to support the Poole Local Plan and will provide evidence for the BCP Local Plan. It provides an assessment of the extent and nature of flood risk from all sources and takes into account sea level rise as a consequence of climate change. It identifies areas at risk of flooding and outlines methods to minimise and manage that risk.

Housing needs could not be met within areas at low risk of flooding. Therefore a Level 2 SFRA was necessary to support the application of the sequential test and exception test on strategic sites in Poole town centre.

We have produced an interactive map to enable you to check if a property is expected to flood by 2133.

Flood risk management strategy

The Flood Risk Management Strategy (published January 2011), is a strategic review of flood risk to determine realistic and workable options for defending Poole from tidal flooding, together with an estimate of the potential costs of providing flood defences. Below you can view the appendices:

Preliminary flood risk assessment

The Preliminary Flood Risk Assessment (the PFRA) for the Poole area is a desktop analysis which collates past known flooding reports and considers the consequences that these forms of flood risk might have.

Local Flood Risk Management Strategy

The Local Flood Risk Management Strategy for the Poole area follows on from the preliminary flood risk assessment and considers the risks of flooding from all sources, measures to manage the risk and how the measures may have multiple benefits.

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