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Investment Zone - Expression of Interest

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On Friday 14 October, BCP Council submitted to government our Expression of Interest in creating an Investment Zone in the BCP Council area.

Our submitted proposal for the Investment Zone is made up of four sites in the local area. You can access a summary document of each of the sites in our application below.

The documents contain the specific information we provided to government, with minor changes to formatting and redundant text. The application process included word count restrictions and specific Yes / No responses to certain questions, which is reflected in these summaries.

The Investment Zone Expressions of Interest process is described on GOV.UK, where you can also find the government's description of their Investment Zones policy.

About our proposal

Our proposed Investment Zone consists of four sites, chosen due to the fact that they are all already covered in our legacy local plans. Current planning policies will remain in place, and will not be disregarded if the Investment Zone is approved.

The Investment Zone represents an opportunity to support the economic objectives within Our Big Plan and our Corporate Strategy. However, we recognise the need to balance this potential alongside our Climate and Ecological Emergency Declaration and related strategies, and this will form a major part of our considerations in the next phase.

The government has yet to confirm any details on the next phase of the Investment Zone process. When we receive this information, we will consider all potential positive and negative outcomes of moving forward with the Investment Zone plan.

The submitted Expression of Interest does not represent any formal commitment currently in place between BCP Council and the government.

We will undertake all necessary governance as this process continues.

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