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Council owned land

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We have records held on large scale Ordinance Survey maps showing the boundaries of land that we own.

For rights of way maps, please email

Find out if land next to your house is council owned

We can let you know this, providing the precise location of the land concerned can be accurately described.

We need to know the exact location of the land or property in question and, if possible, the full postal address. The boundaries are often difficult to describe precisely, however, we should be able to tell from a telephone enquiry whether we own land nearby.

For a more precise answer, a plan showing the exact boundaries of the land can be submitted by fax or post.

For land or property with a postal address or which can be described accurately without a detailed plan, enquiries can be made by email to

Responsibility for boundaries of council owned land

You will need to check your own deeds initially, if the boundary responsibility is not clearly identified in your deeds, please email us at

How to find out who owns private property

You can contact the Land Registry to obtain the relevant enquiry form.

If the land is unregistered, Land Registry will be unable to assist you. If this is the case, you may wish to make enquiries locally with neighbours. Alternatively, if the land is subject to development proposals Planning and Regeneration will be able to provide information on recent planning applications.

Our charges for information

We accept debit and credit card payments by telephone. If you choose the card payment option, we will telephone you to request your card details. We accept cheques made payable to 'Borough of Poole'.

Cost of copying documents


  • A4: 25p per single side
  • A3: 50p per single side.


  • A4 and A3: £1.20 for the first copy (60p for each further copy)
  • A2: £1.80
  • larger than A2: £9 for the first copy (£1.20 for each further copy).

Colour copies:

  • A4: £2 per copy
  • A3: £5 per copy.

(24 hours collected or posted)

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