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Types of application

Each type of application is listed below. Once you have decided upon your type of application you can then find out how to make your application.

Full Plans application

If you have detailed plans and drawings for flats and commercial buildings you should send these with a Full Plans application. If these meet Building Regulations standards, we’ll send you an approval certificate. If you stick to these plans during construction you can be confident of getting Building Regulation approval.

You will need to submit the full plans application form alongside the full plans notes and checklist.

For work on a private house, we need two copies of the application form and plans. For flats or commercial buildings we need three copies of the form and plans. The extras are for consultation by Dorset Fire and Rescue service.

There are charges for a Full Plans application when you make the application and to cover all site inspections. We’ll send you an invoice after the first inspection.

Building Notice application

If your building work is small and doesn’t have detailed plans, you can send us a Building Notice application. However, if the building you are working on falls under The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 you must use a full plans application. If you want to erect a new building or extend one, you’ll need to send us a block plan with a minimum scale of 1:1250.

You will need to submit the building notice application form alongside the building notice notes and checklist.

Regularisation application

If work has already been done without a Building Control application and you want approval afterwards you can apply for a Regularisation Certificate. We'll inspect the work, this may mean you have to expose the structure. The work must be found satisfactory before we will issue a certificate.

You will need to submit the regularisation application form, the regularisation 18(3) relevant requirements form, and the regularisation notes and checklist.

Reversion application

In the unlikely event that you chose to appoint an Approved Inspector to carry out your building regulations but they were unable to carry out the work, you will need to complete a reversion application form.

The Approved Inspector or the person carrying out the works must cancel the Initial Notice lodged with us. If work has already commenced on site, the work must, by law be passed back to us to ensure compliance with the Building Regulations.

You’ll need to supply some personal information when you apply for buildings approval. We treat this confidentially - please see our planning privacy notice for more details.

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