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Find out if you need Planning Permission

Before you start any work on your property we advise that you check with us to see if you need planning permission. This includes any alterations that could affect the property or its use.

Check if you need planning permission

In some cases you won’t need planning permission. This is called permitted development. If you aren’t sure you can check if you need planning permission by visiting the Planning Portal. The interactive house guide may also be useful.

If you are considering converting a dwelling into a house in multiple occupation you may need planning permission if permitted development rights have been taken away.

Alternatively. If you know that your proposal does not need planning permission and would like formal confirmation, you can apply for a Lawful Development Certificate. In this case, you will receive a decision notice, which is a legal document. Your application will be recorded in the public register of planning applications. This can be useful if you plan to sell your property and would like to be able to prove that alterations were lawful.

Getting advice on how to apply

Applying for planning permission can be a long and expensive process. We want to help where we can. Coming to us for advice before submitting your application could prevent your plans being rejected.

We offer a pre-application advice service and suggest you get advice before submitting an application for planning permission. It will save time, money and effort.

Further information is available if you need to submit a planning application.

Displaying signs and advertisements

You may need permission to display a sign or advertisement. It depends on a number of factors, such as size, height, and whether or not the sign is illuminated. You can check to see if you need permission first.

Building regulations approval

Whether you require Planning Permission or not, you may still need Building Regulations approval.

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