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Residents parking e-permit in the Christchurch area

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We operate resident parking schemes within Christchurch. Proof of residency and vehicle ownership must be supplied with the application.

The scheme allows for a maximum of 2 permits per property:

  • Avon Buildings permit - for residents of Avon Buildings only
  • Beaconsfield Road permit - for residents of Beaconsfield Road only
  • Fairfield permit - for residents of Fairfield and Bargates only
  • Grange Road permit - for residents of Grange Road only
  • Millhams Street / Ducking Stool Lane permit - for residents of Millhams Street or Ducking Stool Lane only
  • Princess Avenue permit - for residents of Princess Avenue only
  • Purewell permit - for residents of even numbered Purewell properties between 18 and 32a only
  • Quay Road permit - for residents of Quay Road, Church Lane, Church Street and Silver Street only
  • Riverlea Road permit - for residents of Riverlea Road only
  • Station Road / Twynham Avenue permit - for residents of Station Road, Twynham Avenue and Stour Road only
  • Stourbank Road permit - for residents of Stourbank Road only

Signs in each area show the hours of operation.

Residents parking permit costs

The permits cost:

  • £85 for a 12 month resident permit
  • £48 for a 6 month resident permit

How to apply

Use our online system to apply for this permit.

Terms and conditions

  • the e-permit is only valid in the permit area zone where you reside - this is shown on the signs accompanying the bays
  • enter your details carefully. Make sure you enter the correct registration number. Take care when entering 0 (zero) and O (the letter). Mistakes may result in the issue of a Penalty Charge Notice
  • if you have a permanent change of vehicle, please upload the V5 document for the new vehicle. The vehicle must be registered to the same address as the permit. This will be reviewed by the parking services team
  • if you have a temporary vehicle, like a courtesy car or a hire car, please email with the registration number, make and colour of the car. You need to tell us how long you will have the temporary car for. If you need a permit for more than a week, you need to give us evidence such as the hire agreement
  • the e-permit cannot be used for parking on double yellow lines, single yellow lines, limited waiting areas, loading bays, in pay and display car parks, private roads, bus stops, zig-zag lines, taxi/doctors/police/disabled bays
  • if the e-permit holder ceases to reside at the issued address, please contact us to cancel the permit immediately. No refund will be issued
  • a permit will only be issued to a vehicle under 3500 kg in weight - this is the former private/light goods taxation class
  • the e-permit does not guarantee the availability of a parking space
  • we reserve the right to withdraw any permit found to have been fraudulently applied for or misused. No refund will be issued.

Data Protection Statement

BCP Council use any data collected through the issuing of this notice to owner and associated statutory requirements for the enforcement of traffic contraventions and other associated purposes.

This data may be disclosed to other enforcement agencies or the data may also use in connection with the prevention or detection of fraud or other crime. All processing of this data will be in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018.

We hold the information that you provide in both computerised and manual record systems. You are able to see a copy of the information held about you. For further information about this, please see our Privacy notice.

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