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Harbourside boat launching season ticket in the Poole area

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We issue a season ticket to individuals who wish to utilise the slipway within the Harbourside Park 1 Car Park, for launching boats, jet-skis etc. The season ticket is only valid when the vehicle is parked in the boat launching area with a trailer attached. Parking of a vehicle without a trailer is not permitted.

You can register more than one vehicle on your online account and then nominate which vehicle you need to park, as and when required. It is important to ensure the vehicle you have parked is the vehicle active on your account.

The annual cost of the season ticket is currently £254, which includes the normal parking charge for car and trailer. The normal daily tariff for the boat launching is currently set at £18.20 before 2:30pm and £14.50 after 2:30pm, which includes the parking of a car and trailer.

The season ticket is restricted for use between:

  • Monday to Friday 10am to midnight
  • Saturday and Sunday 6am to midnight

How to apply

Use our online system to apply for this permit.

You will require a valid credit or debit card to apply online. Season tickets purchased online will be valid for use immediately.

Please make sure you read the Harbourside boat launching terms and conditions.

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