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Published on Wednesday 24 February 2021

Map showing the 2 consultation tranches for the TCF funded sustainable transport routes.

A major public consultation is being launched on plans for 78km of new cycling and walking routes and bus infrastructure improvements across south east Dorset. BCP Council and Dorset Council are jointly proposing six new sustainable travel routes, which will be funded through the £100+ million Transforming Cities Fund (TCF). They form a major part of the region’s Transforming Travel programme to create a greener, healthier and better-connected region. The routes aim to give people safe, quick and environmentally friendly travel alternatives to driving, particularly for short journeys. This in turn will help reduce road congestion as well as carbon emissions.

The consultation is being conducted through an online engagement platform, which allows members of the public to view detailed maps and plans and complete a feedback survey. Proposals include:

  • New and improved cycle and walking paths
  • New pedestrian crossings and wider pavements
  • Changes to road infrastructure to improve bus journey times
  • Upgrades to existing, and installation of new, bridges
  • Junction improvements prioritising pedestrians and cyclists
  • New wayfinding signage and lighting
  • Lower speed limits
  • New bus shelters and real-time service information at bus stops
  • Improved pavement access and crossings for people with mobility needs including drop kerbs and tactile paving
  • Smart ticketing

The consultation is being run in two phases. The first phase will cover four of the six planned routes and will run from 24th February until the end of March. These routes are:

  • Bournemouth railway station to/from Jumpers Common, Christchurch
  • Bournemouth town centre to/from Ferndown
  • Poole town centre to/from Wareham Road, Holton Heath
  • Poole town centre to/from Merley, Poole

The second phase of the consultation for the remaining two sustainable travel routes will begin on the 1st April and will run until mid-May. These routes are:

  • Poole town centre to/from Ferndown and Wimborne
  • Merley, Poole to/from Christchurch

Online consultation for TCF’s sustainable travel routes is being supported by a series of workshops for TCF programme partners, local interest groups and businesses.

Printed copies of the proposals and the response survey are also available on request by emailing or by calling 01202 123456.

The engagement platform can be accessed via mobile phone, tablet or pc by visiting

Initial public engagement on outline plans for the routes was undertaken in November and December last year. This was used to inform the final proposed design plans, which are now the subject of this new consultation. A report summarising responses from this initial engagement is available at:

Councillor Mike Greene, Portfolio Holder for Transport and Sustainability at BCP Council said: "These planned sustainable travel routes will make a real difference to how people are able to get around locally. Walking, cycling and travelling by bus will become much more appealing, encouraging greener and healthier journeys – good news for both our economy and planet.

"A huge range of improvements are being proposed, from new cycle and walking paths and crossings to new bus shelters and measures to reduce bus journey times. I hope as many people as possible will go online, view the plans, respond to the survey and help shape plans to transform travel in south east Dorset."

Councillor Ray Bryan, Portfolio Holder for Highways, Travel and Environment at Dorset Council said:

"These plans are all about making our region a cleaner, healthier and better-connected place to live, work and visit. I urge everyone to have their say on these transformative sustainable travel plans."

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