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Published on Tuesday 16 November 2021

BCP Council has announced a brand new scheme to help residents reduce their energy consumption, whilst taking action against climate change and tackling the Climate and Ecologica Emergency. It is believed that this may be the first scheme of its type in the country.

This new Climate Action grant fund is available to homeowners and private tenants named on their energy billsliving in Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole to help fund loft and cavity wall insulation in properties with low energy ratings, where not already installed (terms and conditions apply).

Properties will be assessed for suitability and must have an energy performance rating of E, F or G to qualify. The council is pleased to confirm that the Energy Performance Assessment will be included in the grant for those homeowners that have work carried out.

All homeowners and private tenants named on their energy bills in properties with low energy ratings of E, F or G (i.e. lower than the national average of D) will be eligible to receive a grant, with the amount residents can receive depending on their annual household income. Residents with an annual household income of up to £42,900 are likely to receive a 100% grant to fund newly installed insulation, if their home is suitable. 40% grants are also available for households with income up to £50,000; 20% for those with income up to £60,000; and 10% for those with household incomes over £60,000 (limits apply).

Improving the energy efficiency of a home demonstrates real action to help support necessary carbon savings, whilst also helping residents save money on energy bills. On average, households with either loft insulation or cavity wall insulation can expect to save £300 per year compared with uninsulated properties.

Where a grant is awarded, a new Energy Performance Certificate will be provided after the insulation has been installed, showing the improved performance of the resident’s home.

The scheme, funded by BCP Council, is being managed and operated by the Council's delivery partner Ridgewater Energy based in Dorset, who already deliver Government-funded grants and operate the LEAP scheme which offers energy improvement measures to those on the lowest incomes or on certain benefits.

Councillor Mike Greene, Cabinet Member for Sustainability and Transport, said: "We know that 40% of the UKs carbon emissions come from our homes. That is why I’m delighted to announce this new initiative, designed to help so many of our residents. Responses to our recent Climate Action consultation overwhelmingly supported introducing measures to help people reduce energy use at home.

"Nationally, energy prices continue to soar, so this grant scheme is very timely. COP26 is also fresh in everyone’s mind, and this a great step forward, with significant financial benefits for local people at the same time as reducing BCP's carbon footprint and playing our part in the fight against climate change. By concentrating on those households with incomes which are not excessive but do not qualify for Government grants, we will be helping those who need it most. By ensuring we provide for the least energy-efficient homes, we can raise the standards where they will make the most difference in reducing our carbon emissions.

"I urge homeowners who think they may not have insulation to get in touch with our partners, Ridgewater Energy, to see if they are eligible for support. As we move towards winter there is no better time to take advantage of this scheme we are offering. Although households on the lowest incomes will receive the highest grant funding, the council have ensured that all those in properties below average energy ratings of E, F or G, regardless of income, can receive some level of funding and help the Council with our priority to reduce carbon emissions locally.

"I believe that BCP Council is the only local authority currently offering this scheme, which will hopefully have a positive impact on local residents facing rising energy bills this winter. Help is primarily offered to those homes and residents that need it most; however we are not ignoring those with a higher income and discounts will be offered at scale."

BCP Council’s Climate Action Grants for Homeowners and private tenants supports the council’s Climate and Ecological Emergency commitment to work towards a carbon-neutral area before 2050, alongside the government’s target for as many homes as possible to be EPC Band C and above by 2035.

How to apply:

Telephone: 01202 612726 / Email: or request a callback by visiting:

And ask for more information about BCP Council’s Home Insulation grant

You are eligible if:

You live in the BCP Council area

You own and live in your home or are a private tenant named on your utility bills

Your home is assessed as having an EPC rating of E, F or G

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