Recycling centres across Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole to allow more vehicles on site as COVID measures are lifted

Residents using recycling centres across Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole will see an improvement to operations as a number of COVID safety measures have been lifted in line with government guidance.

The following improvements will come into play from tomorrow (Saturday 1 May) ahead of the Bank Holiday weekend:

  • two people will be able to get out of their car to unload waste and recycling
  • containers for recycling, including hard plastics, will be re-introduced
  • increased number of vehicles on site at any one time will be allowed
  • barriers defining social distanced tipping areas and walkways will be removed.

This will reduce wait times, congestion on site and traffic queuing on the surrounding roads. Also, allowing two people to exit the vehicle will help those who may struggle to physically unload their vehicles or carry their waste. This will also benefit those who may wish to dispose of bulky waste which requires two people to carry.

Ian Poultney, Head of Sustainability and Strategic Development, BCP Council, said:

“We are pleased to be able to lift some of the measures in place in order to create a more efficient service on site, especially before the Bank Holiday weekend where we anticipate an increase in visitors. Additional resources were put in place to manage the exceptionally high numbers of visitors we were receiving, particularly with traffic management in the local areas of the sites. However, we will now be able to allow an increased number of vehicles which will reduce the traffic congestion in the surrounding areas, benefitting both residents and local businesses.

“We still ask that if you do visit our Recycling Centres, check our website prior to visiting to read about the measures that are still in place. Please continue to be patient and kind to our staff who are there to help where they can, and most importantly keep everyone safe on site.”

The following measures will remain in place at BCP’s Recycling Centres:

  • face coverings and social distancing guidance should be followed in line with national guidance
  • staff on site will not be able to help unload your vehicle or dispose of your waste
  • traffic levels surrounding the Recycling Centres will continue to be monitored and additional measures will be considered if needed.

For more information on visiting the council’s Recycling Centres and the safety measures that are in place, please visit the Recycling Centre webpage.