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Allotments in Christchurch

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There are just under 500 allotment plots on 5 enclosed sites in Christchurch.

The allotments at Douglas Avenue, Rutland Road and Southey Road are managed by Christchurch Town Council.

Highcliffe and Walkford Neighbourhood Council manage the sites at Roeshot Hill and Walkford Road.

Allotment charges

Annual allotment charges are set by the respective council.


There may be vacancies on some sites, while others will have waiting lists. If you’re looking for an allotment, just get in touch with the site contact or the town or parish council to check availability.

New plots are only allocated to residents of Christchurch and, at present, new applicants are offered a maximum of a half plot (125 square metres).

Christchurch Town Council allotments are:

Highcliffe and Walkford Council allotments are:

If you have general questions about Highcliffe and Walkford Council allotments, you can contact the parish clerk using the Highcliffe and Walkford Parish Council website.

Christchurch Allotment Strategy

The Christchurch Allotment Strategy aimed to increase the number and quality of allotment plots in Christchurch and many of its policies may still apply, but decisions on standards and policy rests with the parish and town councils since April 2019.

Keeping hens on your allotment

If you're planning to have hens on your allotment, please read the code of practice, which includes information on hen accommodation, welfare and health.

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