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Dorset Register of Accredited Landlords

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The Dorset Register of Accredited Landlords (DRAL) is a database of private landlords accredited by a nationally recognised scheme.

How to join the DRAL

Before being able to join the DRAL, you need to be an accredited member of one of the following schemes:

Complete the DRAL application form and send it to

To keep your accredited status, remember to log any modules or training events you attend within your Continued Professional Development record.

Benefits of joining the DRAL

Accreditation with a national scheme gives you access to online development modules and courses, as well as the chance to attend seminars, landlord liaison meetings and information days.

If you join the DRAL, you also get:

  • discounted house in multiple occupation (HMO) licence fees
  • grants for insulation work
  • invitations to accredited Certificate of Professional Development training

For more information, email

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