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Grounds and garden maintenance at council homes

Our grounds maintenance team keep communal outdoor areas tidy and safe for our tenants. Their work includes:

  • cutting grass, inspecting trees and pruning shrubs and hedges
  • keeping paths and car parks clear of overhanging plants and treating them with herbicide to stop moss and weeds
  • clearing fallen leaves between October and January
  • picking up litter during their visits
  • recycling grass cuttings and prunings into mulch that can be used on lawns and flowerbeds

Looking after your garden

As a tenant, we expect you to keep your garden tidy. Look after paths, patios and decking areas and mow your lawns. You’re not allowed to dump or store rubbish in your garden.

If you plant trees, shrubs and plants, think how big they might grow and whether they’re suitable for the space.

Contact us on 0800 0281 870 for advice before you remove any trees on your property. Some trees are protected by tree preservation orders. We will not cut down trees unless they are dangerous, encroaching or diseased.

Getting help with your garden

If your garden is becoming too much for you to manage, call us on 0800 0281 870. We can help you move to a more suitable property or see if you are eligible for our assisted gardening service.

Assisted gardening is only available to council tenants who are over 75 and living in a 1-bedroom bungalow with a tenancy dating from before 1 June 2005. The service includes 4 visits for grass cutting and 2 for pruning hedges and shrubs per year.

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