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Unauthorised encampments

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An unauthorised encampment is when a group of people move on to a piece of land that they do not own and without consent from the landowner. This is a form of trespassing under civil law.

If you have seen an unauthorised site, check to see if it is one we already know about or to view an update on how the encampment is being managed. If not listed please report it.

Please report any anti-social behaviour and/or criminality directly to the police on 101.

Report an encampment

We will need to know:

  • the date and time you first noticed the encampment
  • the number of caravans or vehicles on the site
  • extra details about the location.

Report the above by:

Management of an Unauthorised Encampment

We have to complete statutory welfare checks with the occupants of an unauthorised encampment and undertake assessments of the encampment its location and its impacts. From this work it is then decided the best way to manage each encampment. This is a set process and follows government guidance.

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