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How you can help with access to food

There are many ways you can support local residents with access to food, if you are able to.

Join the Access to Food Partnership

The Access to Food Partnership is open for all to join. We have members from statutory, health, business, education, community and voluntary sectors. Sign up to the Access to Food Partnership mailing list to get all the latest information, forum and neighbourhood invitations.

To join, please read the Access to Food Partnership Charter. You can sign the charter online, or you can email a signed copy to our Community Food Coordinator, You can also add your project to the Access to Food Map.

Support your local community food project

Our communities are offering support if you are struggling to pay for food, but you can also help those projects if you are able to.

You can arrange your own good quality food collection at your workplace, community space or place of worship.

You can also download the Bank the Food app to keep track of urgent requests from local food banks, as well as reminders to donate whenever you enter a supermarket.

If you can afford it, you can also set up a regular cash donation to a food project.

You can find your nearest project on the Access to Food Map.

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