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Boscombe Renovation Grants

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Over the next 3 years, large scale grants will be made available to help renovate and improve premises in the Boscombe High Street area.

One grant per premise is permitted over the 3-year scheme.

Please complete the application form below or contact the Towns Fund Programme Team for more information by emailing

How to apply and what to include

You can apply for a grant if you are looking to make larger improvements to your premises, examples include but are not limited to:

  • new shop front
  • new canopies
  • new shopfront signage, or repair
  • internal improvements for change of use or to bring back into use
  • external repairs, guttering, windows or doors.

A team of architects have developed a design guide to help return lost heritage in the Boscombe High St area, the guide will help inform business owners and developers on our vision for the High St and local planning policy. The Towns Fund Programme Team are on hand to offer advice and arrange an introduction with the architect team through an online meeting to walk you through possible designs, suggestions and the help available.

All relevant permissions will still be required but we can help successful applicants with completing planning applications if required.

Applications should include the total cost of the improvement, and the amount of funding you will be contributing. Each application will be judged on merit and what percentage of the contribution will be made by the owner/developer. In some cases help may be available with outline costs and contractor introductions for quotes.

This grant scheme is funded by Bournemouth Towns Fund, Better Boscombe Regeneration programme.


To apply, complete the application form and email it to or pop into the Better Boscombe Engagement Hub to collect or drop off a form:

If you are successful

During the application process we will keep in close contact with each applicant, if successful an award letter containing grant award conditions will be sent for signing within one month of the date on the letter.

Works included in your grant proposal must be completed within 6 months of the offer. Grants are awarded on completion of works, when completed, copies of relevant final receipted accounts and payment invoices, in the name of the applicant, should be sent to us. Once these are received and works inspected, we will make a payment.

The Towns Fund Programme Team withhold the right to verify the improvements have been implemented/completed in line with the application grant award, design guide and planning policy before payment is released.

If you are unsuccessful

If you are unsuccessful, you can reapply. However, please make sure you have considered any feedback given to you when your application was declined before reapplying. Reapplying does not guarantee your application will be approved.

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