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Street trading permission licence and pedlary

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You need consent to trade on the streets of Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole and you will need a license to trade in Boscombe market.

Many popular areas are designated as either ‘consent streets’ or ‘prohibited streets’.

Street Trading

We control street trading to improve the environment, raise the standards of traders, and protect the public. The only regular street trading licences available are for stalls on Boscombe Market which operates every Thursday and Saturday throughout the year.

Consent Streets

In consent streets, traders must ask for our consent before any trading can take place (other than that of a Pedlar as defined in the Pedlars Act 1871 – see below).

Prohibited Streets

In prohibited streets, we do not grant any consents to trade and no trading is allowed.

To trade on Seafront and Pier Approach areas

To apply for a temporary pitch, email BCP Council Events Team at

To trade in Town Centre areas

To apply to trade in town centre areas email BCP Council Events Team at Consents are occasionally issued to major event organisers in the interests of the resort’s overall attraction but consents are typically not issued for long standing permanent or semi-permanent traders in the square and surrounding area.

Mobile traders on the Seafront, Pier Approach and Town Centre

We do not issue consents for mobile traders on the seafront, pier approach and town centre. Therefore any such trading must comply with the Pedlars Act 1871 and the Bournemouth Act 2010.

Our existing street trading policy does not favour applications for ‘fast food’ or ‘food on the go’ traders.


Pedlars must observe the terms of the Bournemouth Act 2010 and the Pedlars Act 1871. The terms of the Bournemouth Act 2010 specify the length of time they can trade and the distance of travel required in order to peddle wares. Importantly there are limitations restricting movement and return times.

Pedlars should make sure they read and understand the Act prior to trading and ensure they comply. This includes operating from door to door, operating on the Highway etc.

Pedlars licences are issued by the police, if you require one, please go to your local station and apply.

Mobile ice cream vendors

If acting as a pedlar these will need to fully comply with the terms of the Bournemouth Borough Act 2010.

If not acting as a pedlar then they are street trading and will require a street trading consent. Our existing street trading policy does not favour granting consent for the sale of these type of items. Any trade without the necessary consent is not legal and action will be taken.

Operators of businesses involving the sale of foodstuffs must register with the our Environmental Health Officers, contact the Food Team.


Our enforcement teams ensure traders and pedlars are operating according to the Street Trading and Pedlars provisions under the Local Government Miscellaneous Provisions Act 1982 and Bournemouth Borough Act 2010. These include the power to seize articles, (except perishable ones) receptacles and equipment and to prosecute for offences. Successful court proceedings could result in forfeiture of the seized items and/or a fine being imposed by the court.

How to apply

To apply for permission or for a licence please contact us with the details and location for your intended activity.

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