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Child performance licence

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Working in the entertainment industry can be a rewarding and valuable experience for children.

A performance licence is required if the child will be absent from school, they have (or will have) performed for more than 4 days in a 6-month period or they will be paid. This includes theatre performances, filming & TV work, modelling and paid sporting activities.

The application for a performance licence must be completed by the person responsible for the production. Please be aware that requests for a performance licences with less than 15 days’ notice may not be processed. All applications must be submitted fully completed and accompanied by a Covid Risk Assessment for the production.

All performance licence applications should be sent to the Child Employment & Performance Officer at or call 01202 096677.

A BOPA allows groups and organisations to have one licence for all the children involved in a performance. It can be applied for if the performance would usually fall under the child performance regulations, providing that the children taking part will not miss any school for performances and rehearsals and will not be paid.

A BOPA will only be issued if the Local Authority is satisfied that the group has rigorous safeguarding policies in place and all chaperones must have an Enhanced DBS check for the Child Workforce.

It is the responsibility of the organiser to apply for a BOPA to the Local Authority where the performance is taking place.

If you would like to apply for a Body of Persons Approval, please contact the Child Employment & Performance Officer on or 01202 096 677.

If a child is performing abroad, a licence cannot be granted by the Local Authority. An application for a licence must be made to the magistrate’s court where the child lives.

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