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Chaperone licence

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The Child Performance Regulations 2014 state that any child taking part in a performance for which performance licences are required must be looked after by their own parent/guardian or a Local Authority approved chaperone. The chaperone is responsible for the proper care of the child. They must secure the child’s health, safety and welfare needs while they are at the place of performance.

The first priority of a chaperone is always to the children in their care. A chaperone is the key person to whom a child looks to for guidance, protection, clarification and support.

Chaperones are also required to mediate between the child, the licence holder, and the licensing authority. They must also ensure that the performance licence conditions and child performance regulations are upheld.

We only approve chaperones for productions that require performance licences for the children taking part.

To become an approved chaperone you must:

  • complete an application form
  • provide two references (one must be your present, or most recent, employer)
  • undergo an enhanced DBS check
  • attend an interview
  • undertake chaperone training provided by the local authority

Voluntary chaperones

Upon approval of your application you will be issued with an ID card specific to the production you wish to chaperone for. Your details will be held for three years.

If you wish to chaperone for another production during that period, you must contact the Child Employment & Performance Officer and complete and return a disclosure form at least seven days prior to the performance you wish to chaperone for.

There is no charge for volunteer chaperones.

Professional chaperones

Once all the checks have been completed your details will be held on file for 3 years and you will receive a professional chaperone ID card which will be renewed every 6 months upon receipt of a completed disclosure form.

During the 6 month approval period Professional chaperones are required to inform us, in writing, of the name, date and location of each production they have been booked to chaperone for. This must be done prior to the first date you are due to chaperone.

If you wish to be a professional chaperone there will be a charge which includes the cost of the DBS check.

It is essential that you read and sign the Chaperone Code of Conduct before the production.

If there is any evidence of an offence or the Chaperone is found to be unsuitable for any reason, the licensing authority has the power to revoke the chaperones approval and de-register the chaperone.

For an application pack to become a local authority approved chaperone, please contact the Child Employment & Performance Officer at or 01202 096 677.

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