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Rubbish bin collections

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Your household rubbish will be collected every 2 weeks.

We do not collect bins on Christmas Day, Boxing Day or New Year's Day.

Depending on your circumstances, you will have one of the following:

  • standard: 180 litre black rubbish bin
  • bag and box: 2 authorised sacks per fortnight if you use our bag and box alternative service

Using your household rubbish bin

Make sure you put your bin out by 5am on your collection day.

The lid must be closed and placed at the edge of your property, where the waste collection team can see it from the road and collect it easily.

Please do not put out any extra rubbish bags for collection.

If your bin is too heavy to be wheeled to the back of our collection vehicle, we will not be able to empty it.

Rubbish bins left on highways and footpaths

You should only place your bin on a highway or footpath on your collection day. Your bins should be within 1 metre of the edge of your property. You must put your bins out no earlier than 6pm on the day before your collection day and remove them by 8pm on the day they are collected.

If a bin is causing an obstruction and is reported, we may send you a notice and information about how to put out and bring in your bin appropriately. In some cases of major obstruction, we may issue a fixed penalty fine.

Help putting your bin out for collection

If you cannot put your bin out for collection due to being disabled or physically unable, we may be able to help with your bin collections.

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