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Apply for the garden waste service

The garden waste service runs fortnightly from the end of January to December 2024 and costs £65.50 per bin.

The cost of the service is the same whenever you apply. We are unable to offer any reduced rates if you apply for the service at any time during the service year.

How to apply

Use our online form to apply for the garden waste service.

We will deliver your bin and information pack within 6 weeks of your registration date.

Garden waste collections 2024

The 2024 service started on 29 January 2024. The last collection will be in week ending 13 December 2024.

Paying for multiple properties

If you would like to pay for multiple properties, for example, as a property owner or on behalf of other people as well as yourself, set your account up as a customer account rather than a business account. We are not able to invoice for the service.

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