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Financial assessments, budgets and how to get your payments

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Direct payments from us

Once we have worked out how much money you have to spend on your care needs - known as your personal budget - you will need to decide who is in charge of spending that money to meet what has been agreed in your care and support plan.

You can:

  • receive a direct payment from us, meaning that you control how the money is spent
  • ask us to arrange your care for you, using that money (known as a commissioned service)
  • ask for a combination, so that you have a direct payment for some parts of your care and we arrange the rest

What a direct payment cannot be used for

Below are some examples of purchases you cannot make with your direct payment:

  • ongoing residential or nursing care (respite care is allowed if it's agreed with us in advance)
  • anything that is against the law
  • food, clothing or other general living expenses
  • goods or services that are not part of your care and support plan
  • employing someone who lives with you, unless it's agreed with us in advance
  • healthcare services
  • other services direct from the council

How you get your direct payment

Your direct payment will be paid into an online card account. You will get your money from us, in advance, every 4 weeks.

You will need to pay your part into the same bank account at the same time.

Manage your direct payment

With a direct payment, you will be responsible for how your money is spent. You must be able to show that it has been used for the services and support agreed in your support plan.

This means you will have to keep track of your spending.

We will ask you to:

  • keep receipts and invoices
  • send us information on how you have spent the money when requested
  • check with your social care worker if you want to spend the money on something that is not in your support plan
  • return any money not used to us
  • keep records on wages, tax and national insurance if you employ a carer or personal assistant

When the direct payment is set up, you must sign a contract with us. This contract will list your responsibilities in more detail. 

Help to manage your direct payment

If you’re unable to manage the direct payment yourself, you may be able to have another person get the money and manage it on your behalf, or use a managed account provider. You should contact us to talk about your options. 

Contact us about direct payments

For general advice on direct payments, you can contact us below:

To talk with the finance team about a current direct payment, contact us below:

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