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Disproportionate Burden Assessment

Accessibility is a priority for Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council and we are constantly working to make sure our website provides the best user experience for those with accessibility needs.

We are aware of, as written in our accessibility statement, that our online forms may have accessibility issues.

There was no written assessment of disproportionate burden, as this was decided through a verbal discussion, but the justification covered in this discussion is outlined below.

Some of our forms may be difficult to navigate using a keyboard or screen reader software.

Our forms are built and hosted through third party software and designed to look like our website. We are currently in a program of works migrating our online forms from one platform to another; as we migrate each form we are evaluating and fixing each form for any accessibility failures.

It would be duplicating resources to address any issue with the forms separately at this stage.

In summary, we felt that fixing accessibility issues with forms at this stage represented disproportionate burden because resources have already been allocated to building new forms, where these issues will be addressed.

The new forms are being launched periodically replacing the old form as they are rolled out. Our programme for replacing our old forms started in 2023 and is anticipated to run throughout 2024 for completion at the start of 2025.

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