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Corporate strategy

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Our corporate strategy is our shared vision for Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole where people, nature, coast and towns come together in sustainable, safe and healthy communities.

Our priorities

Our priorities are underpinned by our approach to be open, transparent and accountable, putting our people at the heart of our services, with a set of clear guiding principles by which we work. They are based around our place and environment and our people and communities.

Our place and environment

Vibrant places, where healthy people and nature flourish, with a thriving economy in a healthy natural environment.

Our people and communities

Everyone leads a fulfilled life, maximising opportunity for all.

Our performance

Every 3 months, we publish information about how we are working towards achieving the ambitions in our corporate strategy. The report, which is considered by Cabinet and grouped by priority, contains updates on actions included in our delivery plans. It also includes key performance measures.

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