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Mayor of Bournemouth

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The Charter Mayor of Bournemouth is Councillor George Farquhar.

About Councillor George Farquhar

George was born in Dunfermline, Scotland as his father was in the Royal Navy and was based at the Rosyth Naval base. He spent his early years growing up on a croft in Aberdeenshire, receiving a country school education.

Upon leaving school, George joined the Territorial Army and in the course of 15 years’ service he rose through the ranks from Rifleman to Captain, picking up some parachutist wings on the way. Work was varied during these years with early jobs including a Groundskeeper and gravedigger.

A move to England in his twenties led to other roles across a number of sectors including in project management and systems implementation, before ending up living in North London as a Relationship Manager for an American medical devices corporation. In 2011, George moved to Bournemouth because “when you spoke or smiled to someone in the street, they spoke or smiled back”.

In 2019 he was elected onto the new Bournemouth Christchurch Poole Council representing the Boscombe East and Pokesdown Ward. In his first year he held the position of Vice-Chairman of the BCP Council with the highest attendance of any Councillor. In 2023, he was re-elected to his home Ward and enjoys helping his neighbours – “their issues, are my issues” - and was also subsequently elected as Deputy Mayor.

George discovered archery and was once ranked 4th in the UK in traditional longbow, gaining his Masters Gold medal. This skill was useful in getting offered film extra work which he still enjoys from time to time, particularly movies from Robin Hood to Harry Potter. Yes, George was once ‘a wizard Harry’!

Moving to a house with a garden allowed George to rescue a former racing greyhound. This led George to get involved in campaigning and activism to have an end to greyhound racing. Having now rescued three greyhounds, George can’t imagine his life without a greyhound in it.

George discovered the rewards of volunteering early on from moving to Bournemouth and spent a large amount of his time pre-COVID volunteering with his greyhound for a local charity with weekly sessions at a Special Education Needs School, and a local hospital, earning a 10-year service recognition certificate. Like many others, Covid brought other volunteering opportunities including for those shielding and helping in foodbanks.

COVID lockdown also found George completing the Couch to 5k challenge. This has led to his regular attendance at the Saturday Parkrun and, from there, fundraising for various charities over the last few years by sponsorship of various running, and walking challenges.

Post-COVID, George is now mainly volunteering for an organisation helping the homeless and those at risk of homelessness, with their animals.

How to contact the mayor

You can contact the Mayor by email at

Deputy Mayor of Bournemouth

The Deputy Mayor of Bournemouth is Councillor Anne Filer.

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