Towns Fund

The Towns Fund is a new funding scheme launched by the Government for towns like Bournemouth to improve their economy. Bournemouth is one of the towns across the country eligible to bid for the fund and the town deal will specifically cover Boscombe and the surrounding areas.

The funding will be used to develop ambitious projects to deliver jobs and homes. We will engage our communities and partners to develop the deal and prepare a joint bid for this funding. 

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Have your say

Have your say on transformational plans and proposals for the Boscombe area, take a look at the results from our June survey and access the MyTown Government portal

A masterplan for Boscombe town centre

We will facilitate the development of an ambitious masterplan for Boscombe town centre creating a vibrant mixed use community and attractive public realm

Draft Town Investment Plan

Our Investment Plan contains a number of projects which have been developed in partnership with our local communities, partners, private and public investors

Theme 1: employment, skills and the creative sector

We aim to improve the skills and employment opportunities for the local community. Take a look at how we plan to do this through investment in our enterprise sector

Theme 2: quality places and homes

We are committed to creating a thriving place for people to live and work. Find out what our plans and proposals are to invest in our cultural assets and strengthen our heritage

Theme 3: a creative, cultural community and destination

We want to build on the existing creative business sector which is well represented in the area. Take a look at our proposals and how we intend to deliver them

Theme 4: virtually connected community

Find out how we will build upon current 5G and Smart Place projects in order to develop a better virtually connected community

Theme 5: physically connected community

Find out about our projects aimed at improving transport and travel by means other than car, including introducing more cycle lanes and making walking safer

Agendas and minutes

Read the latest from Town Deal Strategic Board meetings

Meet the Strategic Board

The full organisational structure of the Bournemouth Towns Fund including the strategic board

Town Deal objective and next steps

Funding will be used to provide jobs, homes, skills and take actions to reduce our carbon emissions

What is the Towns Fund?

We are one of 101 towns invited to bid for up to £25m from the Government's Towns Fund